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Let The Dice Decide
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Thursday, 23 December 2010


Hello all,
Just a quick reminder that we will now not be processing any new orders until the 3/01/11.
You will still be able to contact us and place orders as normal however any new orders will be delayed until the new year.
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pre Xmas Restocks

Hello All,

Before we put a hold on processing orders over the xmas period we have done some restocks to keep you going.

  • Necron Destoyers
  • Necron Warriors
  • Empire Battle Wizard
  • Empire General
  • Dark Eldar Ravager / Raider
  • Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors
  • Dark Eldar Reaver Jet Bikes
  • Dark Eldar Wyches
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Eldar War Walker
  • Eldar Wave Serpent
  • Eldar Vyper
  • Eldar Fire Prism
  • Chaos Terminators
  • Chaos Terminator Lord

Thats it for today but expect more more over next few days.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

IOB Restocked

We have added futher Island of Blood items back to the stock!
Grab those Rulebooks quick!

We have also reduced the prices of some of the range.

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Please not that any orders received between the 24/12/10 and 3/01/11 will not be processed and dispatched until the 4/01/11.

During this period it will still be possible to place orders and make payments as normal but there will obviously be a delay in receiving orders over this period.

Lootas Restocked

Today we have updated the Ork Lootas and Burnas.
Thanks all for now but this week holds some big deliveries, so restocks a plenty!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Imperial Guard Reinforcements!

Hello all,
Its been a busy weekend but here are some restock updates and the introduction of the Imperial Guard Lucky Bag.

  • IG Chimera
  • IG Hellhound
  • IG Cadian
  • IG Catachan
  • IG Cadian Command
  • IG Catachan Command
  • IG Heavy Weapons

NEW lucky bag. This contains a good mix across the whole range. Most bags contain some rare parts and Large vehicle parts/weapons, there is a mix of heavy weapons, command parts and various heads, as well as all the stuff you would expect such as torsos, power weapons, legs, lasguns, grenades, and much much more!

Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tyranid Lucky Bags!

Hello All,
Due to the popularity of the Space Marine Lucky Bags we have decided to expand the range. The first catagory up is the Tyranids. These bags contain slightly fewer parts than the Space Marine version but the parts are almost all larger!
Some items you can expect are as follows
  • Crushing claws,
  • Scything talons of all sizes (even the massive ones in some!)
  • Rending Claws of all sizes
  • Carapace and armour parts
  • Heads
  • Torsos
  • Legs
  • Weapons including some monsterous creature ones
  • small parts such as toxin sacs and adenalin glands

All the bags have a good mix of parts and are worth far more than the parts individually.

Hope you enjoy them and find lots of useful bitz

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wolf Guard and Pistoliers

Hello Everyone,
Todays restock is short and sweet, here we go...
  • Empire Pistoliers / Outriders
  • Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators

So if you are after that massive terminator cloak, or more Empire guns you can shake a stick at grab them quick!!


Sunday, 5 December 2010


Hello all,
We have added some special offers to the site this weekend.
  • 75% off all Transfers until xmas day
  • 10-25% off selected warhammer 40k sprues
  • 24% off selected Dice ranges

Once they are gone they are gone!


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Empire Characters

Here are some restocks. This morning restocks are the Empire Battle Wizard and General Bitz.


Thursday, 2 December 2010

BA restocks

Hello Again!

Todays restocks consist of the following.
  • SM BA Sanguinary Guard
  • SM BA Death Company



Hello all,
Here are some new lines we have added to the store.

Empire Flagellants Bitz - this includes some excellent accessory bitz such as keys, books, ropes as well as robed bodies and some strange heads!

Land Raider Lascannons Bitz - This includes the classic land raider configuation of twin lascannons and related bits.


Imperial Bastion Bitz - These bits include the weapons and comm tower and uplink options, the basic Bastion itself is sold as a Sprue which includes the structure but not the weapons and Comm link.

More restocks to come today so keep an eye out!


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ogre Restocks (and others...)


Here is a run down of todays restocks.
  • Ogre Gnoblars
  • Ogre Bulls
  • Ogre Ironguts
  • Ogre Lead Belchers
  • Eldar Wraithlord
  • Tyranid Carnifex

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Eldar and Space Wolves Restocks


Today on the restocks list are the following

  • Eldar Wave Serpent
  • Eldar War Walkers
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Space Wolves

Thats all for now!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

NEW DARK ELDAR and Restocks

Hello Everyone,
Here is todays work summed up in a few short lines!

New Stock
  • Dark Eldar Raider bitz
  • Dark Eldar Ravager bitz


  • Assault on Black Reach
  • Chaos Marines
  • Chaos Possessed
  • Chaos Berzerkers
  • Chaos Vehicles
  • Dark Eldar Wyches
  • Dark Eldar Hellions

Thats all for today so grab them quick before they go!


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

DE, Fire Prism and SM Restocks!


Here's a run down of today's restocks...

  • Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors
  • Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes
  • Space Marine Tactical Squad
  • Space Marine Assault Squad
  • Eldar Fire Prism

For those of you after the Fire Prism bits... get in there quick, they are like gold dust!


Monday, 22 November 2010

Further Restocks!

Hello again all,
Here are the further restocks for today, as promised earlier!
  • Empire Hand Gunners
  • Empire State Troops
  • Empire Knights
  • Empire Great Swords
  • SM Dark Angels
  • SM Black Templars
  • SM Bikes
  • SM Terminators
  • SM Assault Terminators

Thats all for today.... think its time to call it a night!!!


Base and Transfer Restocked!

To begin today we have restocked the Bases and Transfer section. There is a large amount of most bases now as well as some of the more popular and hard to come by ones.

Also to keep you upto date we are restocking the Empire range as well as some Space Marines tonight.

So grab the bases quick and check back soon for more more restocks

Friday, 19 November 2010

More Dark Eldar!

Hello All,
We have just finished adding the next batch of Dark Eldar Bitz to the site, This also includes a restock.

  • DE Kabalite Warriors
  • DE Reaver Jetbikes

New Products

  • DE Wyches
  • DE Hellions

Still to come later in the week DE Ravager / Raider bitz


Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hello all,
After a slight delay due to a delivery and calender mix up..... we finally have the new Dark Eldar models on the site. Some of them at least!.

Currently the KABALITE WARRIORS and REAVER JETBIKES are freshly broken down to bitz and ready to grab today.

We will be restocking these items frequently as we expect demand to be high.

The rest of the range will hopefully be added this weekend or early into next week.

Grab them fast!!


Monday, 15 November 2010

Chariot and Wolf Guard

Here are the latest additions to the ranges.

High Elf Chariot, dont miss out on the lions, this kit also includes loads of parts perfect for converting your white lions units.

Wolf Guard Terminators, Plenty of space wolf parts, dont miss on the lightning claws, thunder hammers, left handed weapons! and of course the massive wolf cloak!

Well thats it for tonight,


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eldar Restocks

Hello all,
Todays restocks have broken the Space Marine trend and instead have been for Eldar Vehicles
  • Eldar Support Weapon
  • Eldar Falcon
  • Eldar Fire Prism
  • Eldar Vyper

We will soon be latering the Grav Tank Chassis to include the cockpit window piece, so look out of that on the site soon.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Space Marine Restocks - Part 2

This is the second part of the total SM range restock. Todays restocks cover the vehicles sections
  • SM Rhino
  • SM Razorback
  • SM Whirlwind
  • SM Land Raider
  • SM Baal Predator
  • SM Vehicle Sprues

More to come still....


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Space Marine Restocks - Part 1

hello all,
This is todays restocks.
  • SM Scout Snipers
  • SM Devastators
  • SM Sanguinary Guard
  • SM Death Company
  • SM Command Squad
  • SM Commander

This is the first part of the Space Marine restocks we are conducting this week. So keep an eye on the updates and grab these fast before they go!


Saturday, 6 November 2010

Restocked WFB

Just a small update tonight....
  • Orc Boar Chariots
  • Vampire Counts Corpse Cart
  • Skaven Rat Ogres

More to come Tomorrow!

For now enjoy!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tyranid Restocks.

Today we have restocked the tyranid range.
  • Genestealers
  • Raveners
  • Warriors
  • Gaunts
  • Gargoyles

More restocks to follow tomorrow!


Saturday, 30 October 2010

Weekend Restock

We have the first of this weekends restocks now on the site. Grab them quick!

  • Ork Lootas
  • Chaos Terminators
  • Chaos Terminator Lord
  • Daemons Seekers of Slaanesh
  • Daemons Pink Horrors
  • Dwarf Cannons
  • Imperial Guard Cadian Command
  • High Elf Dragon Princes
  • High Elf Silver Helms
  • Tau Drones
  • Tau Crisis Suits
  • Island of Blood

More to come later in the weekend....

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ork Walkers Restocked

Quick one tonight but we have restocked the following
  • Ork Deff Dread
  • Ork Killa Kans

Plenty more restocks coming up over the end of the week and weekend, so grab them before the October offers end!

Monday, 25 October 2010

New Stock - Land Speeder

Today i have finally got around to adding the Space Marine Land Speeder to the bitz section.
This kit includes all the options for the varients such as the typhoon missile launcher and the assault cannon and heavy flamer with lower mount for the tornado varient. This also includes 2 ways to build the chassis. The newer way which is the top + sides + lower section with wings, or the older way which is top with wings + lower section. (confusing i know.... no idea why they changed it!)

Anyway thats all for now. Probably be Thursday when i get some more new stock on.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

October Special Offers Ending Soon!

Hello Everyone, Just a quick reminder that the October Special Offers will be ending in 1 Weeks time. Just to remind you these include
  • 10% off all Warhammer bitz
  • 5% off all Warhammer 40k bitz
  • 30% off all Bases and Transfers

So grab them while you can!

New Stock - Ravenwing

Hello all,
The latest addition to our range is the Ravenwing Upgrade components. This Category includes back packs, robed body parts, and lots of winged icons and banners... and dont forget the twin linked land speeder parts!

More to come this week....

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Vote for us!!!!

We have joined the review programme on Librarium Online.
You can now vote for our store and give comments.
So if you are pleased with our service please take a few seconds to vote for us.

Thanks in advance!

Massive Restocks!!

Here are this weeks restocks, we have got a large amount of restocks done so here they are....
  • HE Prince
  • HE Archmage
  • HE Phoenix Guard
  • HE White Lions
  • Bretonnian Command
  • Bretonnian Bowmen
  • Bretonnian Men at Arms
  • Bretonnian Knights
  • Bretonnian Pegasus
  • WoC Warriors
  • WoC Knights
  • SM Snipers
  • SM Black Templars
  • SM Space Wolves
  • SM Sanguinary Guard
  • SM Death Company
  • SM Ironclad Dread
  • SM Commander
  • SM Whirlwind
  • Tyranid Warriors
  • Chaos Daemonettes

..... i think thats all for now.

More to come later in the week.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Undead Restocks

Todays restocked bits are as follows...
  • Necron Warriors
  • Necron Destroyers
  • Vampire Counts Corpse Cart
  • Vampire Counts Skeletons
  • Vampire Counts Ghouls
  • Vampire Counts Sprues
  • Imperial Guard Leman Russ
  • Imperial Guard Leman Russ Demolisher

Thats all for now...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Restocks - Terminators and Others

Hello all,
Some slightly random restocks today,
  • SM Terminators
  • SM Assualt Terminators
  • SM Vehicles
  • SM Land Raider
  • Chaos Daemons Bloodcrushers

More to come this week so keep a look out


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wargamming World

Additionally some of you may have noticed some Adverts around the site for Wargamming World, These are a relatively new hobby site that has all sorts of information on the hobby as well as a forum.

We will hopefully be running a thread there shortly where we can get some feedback form yourselves and will start running some competitions and give aways.

So go check them out and get posting!

New Stock - Empire General and Pistoliers


We have a small update to the stock today, this time its Empire
  • Empire General
  • Empire Pistoliers / Outriders

The general has some intersting bitz, such as a bird on a shield! The Pistoliers not supprisingly has a large amount of handguns, repeaters and Pistols, as well as some fairly standard looking horse. Anyway check them out on the site.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Stock - High Elves

We now have the new Multipart High Elf kits.... broken down into bitz of course!
As well as this we have increased the rest of the High Elves range.
  • HE Archmage / Mage
  • HE Prince / Noble
  • HE White Lions
  • HE Dragon Princes
  • HE Phoenix Guard

There are some great new bitz in these kits. The usual elegant looking elven weapons are there, the white lions cloaks, winged heads of the Phoenix Guards, excellent Dragon Prince horses, and plenty more bitz i am sure you will find a use for!


Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Stock - Tau Skimmers

Here is todays progress,
We have added the rest of the Tau Skimmers.... Finally....
  • Tau Piranha
  • Tau Hammerhead
  • Tau Skyray

Also we have restocked the Orks

  • Ork Boyz
  • Ork Trukks
  • Ork Warbikes
  • Ork Sprues

Thats all for now. We aim to get the rest of the High elves on at the weekend, so keep an eye open for them...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

NEW STOCK - Ogre Kingdoms

Hello All,
More new products on the site tonight, this time its OGRES!
  • Ogre Kingdoms Bulls
  • Ogre Kingdoms Gnoblars
  • Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts
  • Ogre Kingdoms Leadbelchers
  • Ogre Kingdom Sprues

With some luck i may be adding SM Landspeeders tomorrow but we will have to see.....

For now enjoy!

Monday, 4 October 2010

High Elves Stocked

Hello All,
With the recent release of the New High Elves we plan on getting them on the site as soon as possible but due to a postage issue from our suppliers there has been a slight delay. To get started with the High Elves we have added the following (its a start.... more to come this week)
  • High Elf Spearelves
  • High Elf Archers
  • High Elf Silver Helms
  • High Elf Sprues

There are some interesting parts in these sets. Some things to look our for include Elven Horses, Silver Helm Sheathed Swords, HE shields, Kneeling Archer Legs, and much more.....


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Space Marine Restocks


So here are todays Space Marine Restocks.....

  • SM Tactical Squad
  • SM Devastators Squad
  • SM Assault Squad
  • SM Commander
  • SM Dark Angels
  • SM Scouts
  • BA Sanguinary Guard
  • BA Death Company

That should put some of the popular items back in stock, so grab those Meltaguns, Beaky Heads, Studded Shoulder Pads, Robed Bodies, Combi Weapons....

Next on the clipping board is likely to be ORKS,


Saturday, 2 October 2010

Skaven and Dark Elf Retocks


The Following Ranges have been restocked today.
  • Skaven Clan Rats
  • Skaven Plague Monks
  • Skaven Rat Ogres (including rats, masters and ogres)
  • Dark Elf Cold Ones
  • Dark Elf Warriors
  • Dark Elf Corsairs
  • Sprues - Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Corsairs

Thats all for today but we should be having a large Space Marine restock tomorrow so grab them quick!


Twitter Continued

Hello Again,
To make things more convenient i have added a twitter feed to the right hand section of the blog so you can check both at once!

Twitter is back!

Hello All,
You can now follow us (again) on Twitter (http://twitter.com/thedicedecides)
We will continue this blog of course! but you can get short updates on new restocks and what we are currently doing on twitter as well.
Hope this is of use to you.


Friday, 1 October 2010

Special Offers for October

Hello all!

We are pleased to announce our first set of special offers.

The following will be running all month.....

  • 30% off all bases and transfers
  • 10% off all warhammer bitz
  • 5% off all warhammer 40k bitz

Note that this includes the highly popular Island of Blood Bitz!

So grab them before they are gone!


Sunday, 26 September 2010

IG Reinforced! and News

After a fairly busy weekend we have managed to finally get some more stock added. This weekends flavour has been exclusively Imperial Guard!
  • IG Cadians
  • IG Catachans
  • IG Cadian Command
  • IG Catachan Command
  • IG Sentinels
  • IG Heavy Weapons
  • IG Sprues

As most of you will know some of the fast sellers in the selection include the special weapons (melta, plasma, snipers, etc.), the always popular Tripod, Heavy weapons (especially the sentinel varients) and of course the LEGS!!! where would any mini stand without them!!!

(Interesting fact - legs are actually the best selling body parts in almost all ranges!?!?!)

We hope to be restocking some more of the range this week. This includes the tanks and Valkyries.

Off the subject of the Imperium we hope to be stocking the new High Elves shortly and we plan to continue to restock the always popular Island of Blood components...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Island of Blood

Hello all,
Due to the high demand on the new island of blood bitz we have restocked the entire range again!, as well as this we have also updated the following
  • Chaos Terminator Lord
  • Empire Battle Wizard
  • Space Marine Command Squad

Plenty more to come!


Sunday, 19 September 2010

CSM Sprues and Tau restock

Hello all,
The next batch of restocks this weekend is in,

  • CSM Sprues
  • SM Rhino Sprues
  • Baal Predator bitz
  • Tau crisis suit bitz
  • Tau stealth suit bitz
  • Tau devilfish bitz

Thats all for now but should have some more stock in next week!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Multiple Restocks

Hello everyone,
We have restocked a large amount of various sets this morning. Here are the results
  • Lizardmen skinks
  • Lizardmen Saurus Warriors
  • Lizardmen Saurus Cavalry
  • Lizardmen Temple Guard
  • Tyranid Trygon
  • Ork Lootas / Burnas
  • Orc Warriors
  • Orc Night Goblins
  • Orc Spider Riders
  • Orc Boar Chariot

Hopefully there will be more to come tomorrow...


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Empire Restock

Quick update today,
We have restocked the Empire Ranges
  • State Troops
  • Hand Gunners
  • Knights
  • Great Swords

More to come this week,


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Daemons, Tomb Kings & new home page

Hello all,
Feel like i am spending all my time updating this blog at the moment.....
To complete this weekends clipping spree we have some more new ranges and a restock to add, so here goes.

  • Daemons Bloodcrushers
  • Daemons Seekers of Slaanesh
  • Tomb Kings (all bits are combined under warriors / cavalry as they overlap)
  • Tomb Kings Chariot sprues


  • IG Manticore
  • IG Chimera

Also of note, we have altered the home page and it now shows a small table of what has been recently restocked and added as new products and a list of what is on the cards for the next week or so. It will not be as detailed as this blog but i hope it will be of some use.


Saturday, 4 September 2010

ISLAND OF BLOOD arrives....

Hello again,
As mentioned earlier today we have now got the new island of blood models on. There are some very good quality models here! The sea guard are far superior to the old spearelf plastics and the introduction of plastic reavers and sword masters cannot be overlooked!

Below is a list of the products on offer once split down into units.
  • HE sea guard x10
  • HE sword masters x10
  • HE lord on Griffon
  • HE mage
  • HE reavers x5
  • Skaven Warlord
  • Skaven Warlock Engineer
  • Skaven Clanrats with spears x20
  • Skaven Clanrats with hand weapons x20
  • Skaven Rat Ogres (2 varients)
  • Skaven Mortar
  • Skaven Warpfire Thrower

And dont forget.....

THE NEW 8th ED RULEBOOK (Pocket Version)!!!!!

At present we only have one box worth due to shipping issues but many more will be added early next week.


SM Restocks

Hello all,
We decided to sneak in a quick space marine restock before the impending release of Island of Blood for Warhammer. (which happens to be out today....)

Anyway here are the restocks

  • SM Commnader
  • SM Command Squad
  • SM Bike
  • SM Rhino
  • SM Razorback
  • SM Tactical Squad
  • SM Ironclad Dreadnought

Thats all for now.

Coming up are some general restocks and an updated front page to the shop that will show what we are working on and whats new out....


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Chaos Restocked!

Evening All,
As a follow on to the arrival of the new chaos daemons, we have restocked the chaos space marines range.
  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Possessed Marines
  • Khorne Berzerkers
  • Vehicle Bitz
  • Terminators

More to follow!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daemons Unleashed!!!

Hello all,
We are please to present the first part of our daemons section! These are found under warhammer 40k bitz (i know they can be used with warhammer as well but i dont fancy putting them all on again!)
Anyway here is what we go and whats still to come

  • Daemon Prince
  • Daemonettes of Slaanesh
  • Bloodletters of Khorne
  • Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

Still to come in the next week or so

  • Seekers of Slaanesh
  • Bloodcrushers of Khorne

Some things to look out for include.... Massive weapons from the daemon prince set, axe, swords, claws! Some nice looking chaos swords from the bloodletters and female heads and body parts (well almost!) from the daemonettes.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

More Restocks!!

After a busy morning we have restocked the following ranges....
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Wave Serpents
  • Eldar War Walkers
  • Eldar Vypers
  • Eldar Support Weapons
  • Eldar Wraithlords
  • Aegis Defense line (that means Quad Autocannons!!!)
  • Necron Destroyers
  • Space Marine Space Wolves
  • Ork Killa Kans
  • Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes
  • Dark Eldar Warriors

Also the following sprues are back in stock.

  • Zombies
  • Skeletons
  • Space Wolves
  • SM Drop Pod
  • SM Scouts
  • WoC Warriors
  • WoC Marauders
  • WoC Warhounds
  • Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes
  • Dark Eldar Raiders
  • Dark Eldar Warriors
  • Trees!!!

So there we have it.... more to come tomorrow.....

Friday, 13 August 2010

WoC and VC Restocks

Hello all!
Here are our latest restocks. Vampire Counts and Warriors of Chaos
  • VC Skeletons
  • VC Corpse Cart
  • VC Zombies
  • VC Ghouls
  • WoC Knights
  • WoC Warriors
  • WoC Marauders
  • SM Blood Angels Death Company!

Have Fun!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Space Marine Restocks

Hello everyone!
We have restocked some Space Marine ranges today..
  • SM Terminators
  • SM Assault Terminators
  • SM Tactical Squad
  • SM Scouts
  • SM Assault Squad

So make sure you grab those beaky heads, scopes, studded shoulder pads and meltaguns quick!

Have Fun

Saturday, 31 July 2010


Hello everyone,
Well its taken a while but they are finally here now.... Dwarfs.
The following ranges have been added to stock.
  • Dwarf Warriors
  • Dwarf Thunderers
  • Dwarf Cannons

Also the Warriors and Thunderers are available as Sprues (x4).

There are some interesting items in the range, Vast selection of axes, hammers and tools, the mightly Organ gun, face visors, crossbows and handguns, a double pistol! and even a Wheel Barrow!!!

So check them out!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

New Products - Lootas, Snipers & Chaos Lord

Hello all,
Some new product lines added today. These include...
  • Ork Lootas / Burnas
  • Space Marine Scout Snipers
  • Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord
  • Also IG Leman Russ Demolisher Varients

Some interseting parts in these ranges. The massive Ork Deffguns, Ork heads with welding masks, Sniper Rifles, Night Vision Heads, Highly detailed Chaos Lightning Claws and A cloak for terminator armour?!?!?

So check them out

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Space Marine Restock

Ok, Just a quick update to some stock today
  • SM Commander
  • SM Command Squad
  • SM Tactical Squad
  • SM Assault Squad
  • SM Devastator Squad
  • Tau Crisis Suit

Grab them quick as most of these sell out in the first few hours!

We are also adding some new lines today and tomorrow, so expect them shortly

Happy modelling all!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Restock and New Sprues

We have been working hard today to expand our ranges of Sprues and some bases. We have also restocked some ranges too....

New Sprues
  • Tau Devilfish
  • Tau Kroot x4
  • IG Cadians x5
  • IG Catachans x5
  • IG Chimera Chassis
  • Necron Warriors x4
  • WoC Warhounds x10
  • Chaos Space Marines x5


  • 40mm Square Scenic base
  • 40mm Round Hole Base
  • Cavalry Base Scenic
  • Valkyrie / Trygon Massive Base
  • Valkyrie Stand


  • SM Black Templars
  • Bases
  • Sprues
  • SM Land Raiders
  • SM Razorback

More to come this week......

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Send in the next wave.....

Hello All,
Quick stock update today for mostly for the imperial guard!
Here we go
  • IG Cadian Troops
  • IG Cadian Command
  • IG Catachan Troops
  • IG Catachan Command
  • IG Sentinels
  • IG Hell Hounds
  • IG Valkyrie
  • IG Heavy Weapons
  • IG Chimera
  • Empire Battle Wizard
  • Orc Boar Chariot

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sanguinary Guard Restock

Hello all,
Just a quick one today...
Sanguinary Guard have now been restocked.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Whirlwind, Valkyrie and Hellhound

Hello all,
We are pleased to announce the latest additions to our product ranges are as follows.
  • IG Valkyrie
  • IG Hellhound
  • SM Whirlwind

Some points of interest include the selections of missiles from the valkyries and whirlwinds, Some interesting heads from the valkyrie pilots, barrels that make up the rear of the hellhound, large radar array on the whirlwind (good for a command tank!), multimelta (hull mount) from the hellhound.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Latest Restocks...

Hello everyone, After a busy day we have a large amount of ranges restocked!
So here goes...
  • Tau Fire Warriors
  • Tau Devilfish
  • Tau Crisis Suits
  • Tau Stealth Suits
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Eldar Wave Serpents
  • Eldar Fire Prisms
  • Eldar Vypers
  • Eldar Warwalkers
  • Space Marine Baal Predator
  • Space Marine Dark Angels
  • Vampire Counts Zombies
  • Vampire Counts Ghouls
  • Vampire Counts Skeletons
  • Vampire Counts Corpse Cart
  • Warriors of Chaos Warriors
  • Warriors of Chaos Marauders
  • Warriors of Chaos Knights

So grab them quick!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ork Mechs And Guard Transports

Hello All,
The lastest additions to our range are here now and in stock.

  • Ork Killa Kans
  • Ork Deff Dreads
  • Imperial Guard Chimeras

This week we will be expanding the range further with the addtion of

  • Space Marine Scout Snipers
  • Space Marine Whirlwinds
  • Imperial Guard Valkyries

All in bitz form of course!!!

Snap them up before they go!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

LUCKY BAGS!!!!! - Space Marine

Hello Everyone,

We have a new addition to our site today. We have added the first of our lucky bags!
The first one to appear is the Space Marines, Other races to follow....

These are selection bags. They contain a varied mix of bitz from the space marine categories. This may be scouts, terminators, assault marines, bikes, vehicles..... anything that is in the products section is a candidate.
These will be ideal for converters looking to expand their bitz boxes and modellers looking to add some unique touches to their armies.

Please do not think this is merely a bag of left over or unwanted bitz. These all include a variety of bits and most if not all have some rare and expensive parts in them. The value of the bitz in each bag will be considerably more than the bag itself leading to huge saving for you!

Feel free to post comments on the bitz you have in your bag!


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Eldar are Back!

The following ranges have been restocked. Grab them quick!
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Eldar Wave Serpent
  • Eldar Wraithlord
  • Eldar War Walker

Dont forget the much sought after Cockpit Windows are back too!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

New stock and Re-stock Galore!

We have had a very busy weekend restocking and adding new stock.

Restocked Items

Dark Elves Cold Ones
Dark Elves Warriors
Dark Elves Corsairs
Space Marine Blood Angels
Space Marine Terminators
Warriors Of Chaos Knights

New Items

Imperial Guard Manticore
Imperial Guard Leman Russ
Eldar Support Weapon
Eldar Fire Prism


Sunday, 13 June 2010

More restock as promised!

We have been hard at it getting more restocks done this weekend.

  • Space Marine Tactical Squad
  • Space Marine Scouts
  • Space Marine Vehicle
  • Space Marine Assault Squad
  • Blood Angels Baal Predator
  • Eldar Vyper
  • Space Marine Commander
  • Tyranid Warriors

New Stock - Trygon, Aegis Defense

New Ranges.

As well as all the restocking we have added 2 new lines to the store.

The Aegis Defense Line bitz which include barricades and a Quad Autocannon (hydra anyone??)
The massive Tyranid Trygon, complete with all the options for heads and talons.


Major Restocks!

Here we go again, This weekend has been a restock accross the following ranges

  • Ironclad Dreadnought
  • Land Raider
  • Chaos Marines
  • Chaos Terminators
  • Chaos Possessed Marines
  • Chaos Khorne Berzerkers
  • Chaos Vehicle Bitz
  • Space Wolves
  • Black Templars


  • Land Raiders
  • Chaos Marines
  • Chaos Berzerkers
  • Drop Pods
  • Space Wolves
  • Rhino Chassis

Well Thats it for now but the clipping continues so expect some more by this evening!!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Orcs and Goblins Arrive!

Hello everyone,
Been a while since the last update.... but i am happy to announce that 4 lines from the Orcs and Goblins range of Warhammer are now available in bitz form!

  • Orc Chariot
  • Orc Warriors
  • Night Goblins
  • Goblin Spider Riders

Still to come this week is Aegis Defense Line, and Tyranid Trygon Bitz.


Monday, 31 May 2010

Restock - Tau, SM Command, Blood Angels

Hello everyone,
We have had a bit of a restock this bank holiday and the following categories are fully stocked!
  • Tau Crisis Suits
  • Tau Stealth Suits
  • Tau Devilfish
  • Tau Kroot Carnivores
  • Tau Fire Warriors
  • Space Marine Command Squad
  • Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

More restocks to follow tomorrow....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gargoyle Broods...

Hello Everyone,
The lastest addidtion to our range has been added today. We finally got around to adding the gargoyle Bitz
You can find them under the Warhammer 40k bitz / Tyranids / Gargoyles section.

Happy modelling!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Imperial Restock

Hello again.
We have recently restocked our imperial guard sections fully. This includes
  • cadian
  • catachan
  • cadian command
  • catachan command
  • heavy weapons
  • sentinals

However at the time of writing this some parts have sold out already!!

so be sure to grab them quick....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Stock Has Arrived!

Over the last few days we've been busy getting our new stock ready for you. We are pleased to say that the below products have now been added to our site.


Space Marine Devastators.
Space Marine Bikes.
Space Marine Land Raider.
and a Space Marine Land Raider Chassis Sprue.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Restock of 4 Ranges!

Even more restocks were done over the weekend.

Products restocked are as follows :-

Chaos Marines
Possessed Marines

Imperial Guard
Heavy Weapons
Cadian Command

Great Swords
Hand Gunners
State Troops

Men At Arms


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Restock - WoC, Dark Angels, Eldar

Further restocks today!
Here are the sections updated
  • Eldar War Walker
  • Eldar Wave Serpent
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Space Marine Dark Angels
  • Space Marine Razorbacks
  • Warriors of Chaos Marauders
  • Warriors of Chaos Warriors
  • Warriors of Chaos Knights

Plenty more updates to follow as well as some new items to be added next week.

For further info or to request specific items please drop me an email at Enquiries@letthedicedecide.co.uk

Happy converting!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ork (and others) Restock

We have recently completed a large restock to the ork ranges due to popular demand as well as some other areas!
Restocked today
  • Ork Boyz
  • Ork Warbikes
  • Ork Trukk Sprues
  • Vampire Counts Zombies
  • Vampire Counts Skeletons
  • Vampire Counts Ghouls
  • Vampire Counts Corpse Cart
  • Space Marine Commanders
  • Space Marine Command Squad
  • Tyranid Carnifex

More to come tomorrow!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Chaos Terminators

Hello again,
The latest addition to our range is the Chaos Terminators Bitz, This consists of all the components found in the set, some highlights include
  • variety of power weapons - mace, axe, fist and mutated arm!
  • the massive reaper autocannon
  • combi weapons, melta and flamer
  • variety of legs and shoulder pad options

Also we have restocked space marines, Blood angels death company and tyranids

More stock updates to follow!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Eldar Wraithlord New to Stock

It's been a busy Bank Holiday weekend but we are now back to adding new products. The latest addition is the Eldar Wraithlord kit. In this section there are over 30 bitz and you can find all the usual Eldar weapons and some unique components such as the massive Eldar Wraithblade!!!

Later this week you can also expect to see the addition of Chaos Space Marine Terminators, Blood Angel Baal Predator, Space Marine Devastators and Tyranid Gargoyles. As well as a large restock across most ranges.

Happy Gaming!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Yet More Blood Angels

Currently our best selling bits range the new blood angels parts are selling like hot cakes, so i am please to say we have fully restocked the range again.

Expect the arrival or more tyranids shortly. There has been a slight delay due to problems with the website systems but hopefully resolved soon.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Further Restocks

In the latest edition of our restocks the following Bits sections are now refilled!
  • Cadian Command
  • Cadian
  • Catachan Command
  • Catachan
  • Sentinels
  • IG Heavy Weapons
  • Ork Boyz
  • Ork Warbikes
  • Tau Drones
  • Tau Crisis Suit
  • SM Terminators (assault)
  • SM Commander
  • SM Vehicle Bitz
  • SM Razorback

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Restock of Wizard, Dark Angels and Blood Angels

Long time since last update but i am back. It has been a busy week or so with a new influx of customers from Warseer Forums.

We have been restocking some of the more popular items this week. More Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Empire Wizard bits are already online.

We are currently in the process of adding the rest of the Tyranid range we have. This will include Gaunts, Raveners, Carnifex and Genestealers.

We are also updating Eldar section to add the Falcon Grav Tank and Vyper Jet Bikes Expect these to be on next week.

As for restocking space marines we have plenty more Blood Angels bits being processed as they are currently the best sellers, Terminator close combat parts, Space Marine Commander parts including the fought after combi guns.

In other lines we will be restocking imperial guard right across the range over the weekend as well as some Ork and Tau bitz.

Keep an eye on this space!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Warseer Forum

As of this weekend you can now find a thread on Warseer for Let The Dice Decide!

Some of you may have already noticed our advert which has now appeared on the Warseer Forums, as well as this we have recently started a thread regarding the store where you are free to post any comments, suggestions or ideas you may have in regards to the store and it's products.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Newly restocked products.

The latest products to be restocked are :

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard
Blood Angels Death Company
Space Marine Tactical Squad
Ork Warbikez
Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought

Watch this space for more product lines and restocks.

Con-quest 2010!

Sorry due to a hectic week I've not been able to update the blog.

We attended the Con-quest Convention in Derby on Saturday. People were playing a variety of games including Warhammer Invasion and Arkham Horror and looked to be having a great time. A good day was had by all.

There was a good selection of trade stands with a wide variety of stock.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chaos Space Marines Restock

Just a quick one today.

Chaos space marines have been restocked.
This includes
  • Possessed Space Marines
  • Chaos Marines
  • New Khorne Berzerker Sprues
  • New Chaos Space Marines X10 Srues
  • Rhino Chassis Back in stock

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Space Marine Command Squad

The Latest addition this easter is the Space Marine command squad. This is a fairly small kit as most parts such as legs and torsos overlap into the other sections! (find them under tactical squad)

So here are the highlights
  • Apothecary parts, Narthecium, Backpack, Head, Torso
  • Champion parts, Power sword, Head, Torso with tabbard.
  • Standard bearer banner and parts

All ready now!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Space Marine Commander Added

The lastest addition today to keep you busy over the easter weekend!
The space marine commander bitz have been added to the space marine section following recent requests.
So to the highlights
  • Combi guns! melta, plasma and storm bolter
  • Unique shoulder pads only available in this kit
  • Some tiny icons to add that extra bit of detail to your models

Happy Modelling!

New Blood Angels Here and In Stock Now

New Blood angels packs for Sanguinary Guard and Death Company have been processed and are online now! These 2 packs are part of the new releases scheduled for the weekend. Some of the highlights
  • Sanguinary guard muscled body armour
  • Sanguinary guard death masks
  • Winged Jump Packs!
  • More shoulder pads than you would ever imagine
  • Infernus melta style pistols
  • Return of the old hand flamers
  • Glaive Encarmine 2 handed power weapons

Stock up now!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Free Delivery on all Boardgames!!!

As a recent update to our boardgames section we have decided to offer free delivery on all games.

So now the price listed is the price you pay. No matter how many you buy you can be guaranteed that the price you see is all you are going to pay.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Werewolf Conversion

Hello again,
I new conversion has been added to the conversions section, (which has also been revamped a bit too!)
This new conversion is of 3 Werewolves, they were made from chaos Warhounds and extensively modified with the use of green stuff, catachan arms, ghoul and zombie hands and more green stuff!!
Check them out in the conversion section!

New Razorback Bitz and Restock

The latest addition to our space marine range is the razorback transport bits which are in the space marine vehicle bitz category.
We have also restocked the Dark Angels and will be putting a complete rhino set on shortly....

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

IG Command back in stock

Just a quick one today....
You will be pleased to know that the Imperial Guard Cadian Command has been restocked now.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ironclad Dreadnought and Restock

Another addition to stock this week is the space marine Ironclad dreadnought, this bitz category includes the seismic hammer, hunter killer missiles, hurricane bolters and assault launchers, just to name a few bits of interest.

We have also restocked the Black Templar Category so you should find all these back in stock now!

Warriors of Chaos

We have now added the Warriors of Chaos section to the Warhammer Bitz. This section includes the Marauder infantry, Warhounds, Chaos Knights and of course the Warriors themselves.
Here are some highlights
  • Heavily armoured infantry from the warriors
  • Long tattered cloaks from the Warriors
  • Viking like marauders and variety of weapons (axes, picks, flails, swords)
  • Heavily armoured horses!

Thats just a few bits....

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Ok, so our bitz sections are steadily growing, but to complement this we have added a sprues section where you can buy complete sprues or frames.
Currently this includes:
  • Dark Eldar
  • Orks
  • Space Marines
  • Space Wolves
  • Dark Elf
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Vampire Counts
  • and.... Trees??

All Available Now!

Bring Out Your Dead

Zombies, Ghouls, Skeltons and the dreaded Corpse Cart. They have all be broken down to bits and are on the Vampire Countes section of the Warhammer bits.
This extensive category includes 4 plastic kits and over 200 bitz!
Here are some of the highlights
  • Skulls, Bones and Corpses, plenty to decorate undead models
  • Framework of the corpse cart and corpse pile would make excellent scenery
  • Plenty of accessories to convert models such as guts, heads on chains, etc
  • New skelton models are smaller than old ones so again would make excellent battlefield scenery

The Category is now up and running so check it out!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dark Elves have Landed!

I am pleased to announce that we have recently added the Dark Elves category to the Warhammer section of the store. Some of these have a resemblance to Dark Eldar dont you think...
So here are some of the highlights:
  • The new Cold One models (raptor-like cavalry units)
  • Corsairs with capes and hand bows
  • Corsairs selection of knives and blades in fairly big!
  • Blank Elvish shields ready for conversions!

Plenty more intersting bitz too.

So take a look!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Da Boyz is 'Ere

Well its slightly earlier than expected but the Orks are here now. you will find them under the warhammer 40k bitz section. There are currently Boyz and Warbikez at present. So here are the points of interest:
  • Used shells and bullet chains from the boys
  • Bikes! need i say more...
  • Dakkaguns for the bikes make great heavy looking machineguns and would suit a lot of armies, espectially imperial guard
  • Nobz and related weapons such as power claws and a massive axe!

Happy gaming!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Dark Eldar Here!

As expected the dark eldar category is now up and running.
These may be some of the oldest games workshop bits still in production but there are some interesting parts to look out for:
  • Heads that would be suitable for Dark elves
  • Reaver Jetbike components - scythes and blades in particular
  • small spike pieces that would be suitable to add to any "evil" army or conversions

Anyway check it out and as always if there is any parts in particular you need drop me an email Enquiries@letthedicedecide.co.uk

Sprues are on the way!!!

We are in the process of adding sprues to our website. These should be up and running some time this week. Watch this space!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dark Eldar, Orks & Dark Elves on Route

After a long weekend of processing and cataloging 3 new army categories will be up on the site soon.
  • Dark eldar will likely be the first, hopefully tomorrow. This category includes the Warriors and Reaver Jetbikes.
  • The next to appear, for midweek, will be the long awaited Orks from 40k. This section will be fairly big with Boyz, Warbikez and general bits.
  • Finally by the end of the week we hope to get the Dark Elves added. These are fairly extensive and include the Corsairs, Warriors and Cold One riders. Some excellent detailed models in this one!
Keep an eye on this space!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Delivery Prices Listed

You may have noticed in the righthand side bar there is now a postage box with a link to the postage costs. I have added a detailed list of exactly what prices will be paid for P&P. This is based on the royal mail prices and cost of packaging and is variable depending on the weight of the products you buy.
Hope this is helpful.
As always if you have any queries about this feel free to email us.

New Dice Designs and Prices!!

I am pleased to inform you that the Dice section has been increased with the addition of 12 new dice styles. These include new oblivion, gem and magma styles as well as new 15mm and 16mm dice. these are available in pearl, interferenz and glitter finish.

As well as these new products the range can now be offered at a lower price! so check them out in the Dice category.

Happy gaming!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dice, Dice, Dice

We are currently in the process of increasing the range of dice we offer. The current range is going to be expanded by adding more 12mm dice but also adding 15mm and 16mm.
There will be more colours available from the Oblivion, Magma and Gem ranges as well as New Glitter, Pearl, Interferenz, Marble and Toxic.

Expect these to be up on the shop in the next few days.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Imperial Guard Arrive!

After a lot of processing the imperial guard section is up and running. This section includes both the Cadians and Catachans. These human models are excellent for conversions and kit bashing with other human kits, in either 40k or warhammer.
Some thing to look out for are:
  • wide selection of bandana wearing heads from the catachans
  • medic and standard bearer parts in the command sections
  • the revised Sentinel model with excellent weapon options and posable legs
  • The plants that come as part of the catachan kits
  • sand bags as part of the cadian kits
  • A bionic arm with sword in the Cadian command section
  • a selection of back packs across the range (hand to come by for IG)
  • Plenty more i dont have time to get into here...

Monday, 8 March 2010

1st Conversion - Tau/Human

The first conversion is up on the conversions section, (you can navigate there using the tabs at the top of the home page).
This model is made using bits from the tau and imperial guard cadian sprues. There is also a guide as to how it was made.
Why not give it a try!!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bases and Transfers

The new category Bases and Transfers has been populated today. currently about 30 items in it but expect it to start to grow in the next few weeks.

As always if there is anything specific you need that you cant see on the site, drop me an email at enquiries@letthedicedecide.co.uk

Imperial Guard on Route

To add to the Warhammer 40k bitz we are currently processing Imperial Guard. This will include plastic parts for both the Cadian and Catachans. Some catagories you can expect to see later today or tomorrow include:-
  • Cadians
  • Catachans
  • Sentinels
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Command Squads

As you can imagine this section is fairly large so will take some time to get ready, be patient they will be here soon....

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Lizardmen are here!

Finally done it...
The lizardmen bits section is now populated with Skinks, Saurus Warriors, Saurus Cavalry and Temple guard.
Some interesting bitz in this section.
  • The Cold Ones the Saurus Cavalry ride are nice models and make interesting mounts.
  • Totems and standards would make nice icons / statues for scenery.
  • Selections of the strange clubs and halberds
  • More shields and head varients than you can imagine!

Anyway, check it out and happy modelling!!

Revamp and upcoming products

You may have noticed something different with the site recently....
The old blue and yellow colour scheme has been updated to a new black and white look. Some new features have also been added such as the news feed.
We also accept all major card types as well as paypal payments.

Now that thats done back to the products...
Over the next few days you can expect to see some additions to the bits categories. The most recent will be the Lizardmen for Warhammer. this will include approx 200 products covering the Skinks, Saurus Warriors, Saurus Cavalry and Temple Guard.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Blog is here

After recently setting up my online store at www.letthedicedecide.co.uk i am now starting this blog to keep everyone informed of whats going on!

So hello to everyone out there and feel free to keep an eye on this as i will be putting on some special offers and news about new products and basically anything else i come across that may be of interest to you!