Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Grey Knights Back

Just a quick one tonight,

  • Grey Knights Strike Squad

More to come tomorrow,


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Random Restocks

Strange one for you all today, we have a varied mix of some items that have come back into stock.

  • Empire General

  • Bretonnian Pegasus

  • Eldar Wraithlord

  • Dark Eldar Talos

  • Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors

  • AOBR Rulebooks

More to come over the weekend!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Space Marines

Busy afternoon with the Space Marines,
Heres what we got done!

  • Commander

  • Command Squad

  • Devastators

  • Scouts

  • Dark Angels

  • Black Templars

  • Space Wolves

  • Sanguinary Guard

  • Death Company

  • Rhinos

  • Storm Raven

  • Tactical Squad

  • Assault Squad

Thats all for today, but time permitting we should be getting some more restock done this week.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Tomb Kings Restocked

We have finally managed to get some additional restock done..

  • Tomb Kings Warriors

  • Tomb Kings Tomb Guard

  • Tomb Kings War Sphinx

  • Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights

Thats all for now!


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Space Marine Tanks

Finally i got around to adding the Predator and Vindicators today. Also this resulted in a large amount of Rhino Chassis and Complete Sprues!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dark Eldar New Wave Added!!

Hello all,
Its taken me longer than expected but i have finally got the new Dark Eldar models broken down and put on the site in bitz form.

  • DE Venom

  • DE Scouges

  • DE Talos / Chronos

Some very interesting bitz in these kits,

The venom has some interestingly posed model, blades and hooks, and of course the chassis itself, which would make excellent base for conversions. (i predict some vypers based on this)

The Scourges have to be one of my favourite kits so far, massive array of heavy and special weapons, shard carbines, impressive hawklike helmets and the wings, finally plastic feathered wings! again, these will be useful for converters out there.

The Talos kit is full of options, vast array of weapons, armour plate sections, mechanical style tentacles and dont miss the vestigial legs, these would make perfect arms for cyborg / robot conversions.

Well thats all for tonight,


Monday, 6 June 2011

MASSIVE Space Marine Restock!!

Hello All,
Its been a long time coming but here is the space marine restock...

  • SM Tactical Squad

  • SM Assault Squad

  • SM Scouts

  • SM Snipers

  • SM Ravenwing

  • SM Dark Angels

  • SM Bikes

  • SM Land Speeder

  • SM Land Speeder Storm

  • SM Wolf Guard Terminators

  • SM Terminators

  • SM Sanguinary Guard

  • SM Death Company

  • SM Commander

  • SM Command Squad

  • SM Devastators

  • SM Ironclad Dread

That should keep the marine collectors happy for a while. Be sure to get those meltaguns and other popular bitz before they go!

We have been busy listing the new Dark Eldar now as well, we hope to get it on the site in the next day or 2.

Thats all for now!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Warhammer Restocks

Random restocks today..... Some High Elves, Warriors of Chaos and other bitz and bobs...

  • High Elf Silver Helms

  • High Elf White Lions

  • High Elf Dragon Princes

  • Warriors of Chaos Knights

  • Warriors of Chaos Marauder Horsemen

  • Dwarf Cannon

  • Daemons Seekers of Slaanesh

Thats all for now.

Hopefully we can get the new Dark Eldar on this weekend or early next week. Watch this space!