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Let The Dice Decide
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Saturday, 4 September 2010

ISLAND OF BLOOD arrives....

Hello again,
As mentioned earlier today we have now got the new island of blood models on. There are some very good quality models here! The sea guard are far superior to the old spearelf plastics and the introduction of plastic reavers and sword masters cannot be overlooked!

Below is a list of the products on offer once split down into units.
  • HE sea guard x10
  • HE sword masters x10
  • HE lord on Griffon
  • HE mage
  • HE reavers x5
  • Skaven Warlord
  • Skaven Warlock Engineer
  • Skaven Clanrats with spears x20
  • Skaven Clanrats with hand weapons x20
  • Skaven Rat Ogres (2 varients)
  • Skaven Mortar
  • Skaven Warpfire Thrower

And dont forget.....

THE NEW 8th ED RULEBOOK (Pocket Version)!!!!!

At present we only have one box worth due to shipping issues but many more will be added early next week.


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