Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Latest Restocks...

Hello everyone, After a busy day we have a large amount of ranges restocked!
So here goes...
  • Tau Fire Warriors
  • Tau Devilfish
  • Tau Crisis Suits
  • Tau Stealth Suits
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Eldar Wave Serpents
  • Eldar Fire Prisms
  • Eldar Vypers
  • Eldar Warwalkers
  • Space Marine Baal Predator
  • Space Marine Dark Angels
  • Vampire Counts Zombies
  • Vampire Counts Ghouls
  • Vampire Counts Skeletons
  • Vampire Counts Corpse Cart
  • Warriors of Chaos Warriors
  • Warriors of Chaos Marauders
  • Warriors of Chaos Knights

So grab them quick!

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