Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Restocks are Back!

Hello all,
With the looming migration of our site to a new host still not progressing we have taken this window to add some restocks!!
Heres what we have got!
  • Empire Knights
  • Empire Greatswords
  • Empire State Troops
  • Empire Handgunners
  • Empire Battle Wizard
  • Empire General
  • Empire Pistoliers / Outriders
  • Empire Flagellents
  • Eldar Dire Avengers
  • Eldar Guardians
  • Eldar Wave Serpent
  • Eldar War Walker
  • Eldar Vyper
  • Eldar Wraithlord
  • Eldar Support Weapons
  • Eldar Fire Prism
  • Grey Knights
  • Grey Knight Terminators
  • Grey Knight Dreadknight
  • IG Cadians
  • IG Catachan
  • IG Heavy Weapons
  • IG Cadian Command
  • IG Catachan Command
  • IG Sentinel
  • IG Leman Russ
  • IG Demolisher
  • IG Manticore
  • IG Chimera
  • IG Hellhound
  • IG Basilisk
  • IG Valkyrie
  • SPRUES!!
That should keep some of you busy.... and remember to grab the bitz you want before they go!


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