Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
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Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hello all,
Been quite on the blog for a week or so due to me finally getting around to adding some products that have been missing from the site.
These are mostly the parts you have all been requesting we stock so enjoy!

  • SM Dreadnought

  • SM Scout Bike

  • Orcs Goblins

  • Orcs Boar Boyz

  • Ork Stormboyz

  • Ork Nobz

  • Ork Gretchin

  • Ogres Thundertusk

  • Ogres Ironblaster

  • Ogres Mournfang Cavalry

Also i have restocked the rest of the Ogres range for completeness!!!

And.. how could i forget... We have the Dark Eldar Razorwings!!


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