Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dark Eldar New Wave Added!!

Hello all,
Its taken me longer than expected but i have finally got the new Dark Eldar models broken down and put on the site in bitz form.

  • DE Venom

  • DE Scouges

  • DE Talos / Chronos

Some very interesting bitz in these kits,

The venom has some interestingly posed model, blades and hooks, and of course the chassis itself, which would make excellent base for conversions. (i predict some vypers based on this)

The Scourges have to be one of my favourite kits so far, massive array of heavy and special weapons, shard carbines, impressive hawklike helmets and the wings, finally plastic feathered wings! again, these will be useful for converters out there.

The Talos kit is full of options, vast array of weapons, armour plate sections, mechanical style tentacles and dont miss the vestigial legs, these would make perfect arms for cyborg / robot conversions.

Well thats all for tonight,


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