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Let The Dice Decide
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Monday, 16 May 2011

Special Offers For May...

I would like to let you know about the special offers Let The Dice Decide is running for the next 2 weeks until the end of May.....

These special offers will be concentrating on the Warhammer 40k Ranges.

Firstly... We have discounted the Eldar Grav Tank Chassis to 20% off! This is a great way to expand your Eldar forces, or even to use as scenery or for conversions.

The Tau devilfish has a HUGE 35% off!! This is only until they are sold, once they are gone they are gone! Now is the time to get your Tau forces Mechanised!

The offers on the other Sprues will all remain until the end of the month. These include...

Eldar Heavy Weapons 25% off
Tyranid Gaunt Upgrade 20% off
Warriors of Chaos Marauders 20% off
Land Raider Chassis 10% off
Further to this and probably most importantly we have added an EXTRA 5% OFF ALL 40k SPRUES.

And... 10% off ALL WARHAMMER 40k Bitz.... Thats right, the whole range, all the armies, all the categories, all the bitz.

Be sure to grab them quick, these offers end at Midnight 31/5/11.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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