Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
Warhammer and 40K bits and sprues, board games and dice.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Hello, Over the last day or so we have been busy restocking and come up with the following!!!

  • Tau Crisis Suits

  • Tau Fire Warriors

  • Tau Stealth Suits

  • Tau Devilfish

  • Tau Hammerhead

  • Tau Skyray

  • Tau Piranha

  • Eldar Guardians

  • Eldar Dire Avengers

  • Eldar War Walkers

  • Eldar Wave Serpents

  • Eldar Falcon

  • Eldar Fire Prisms

  • Eldar Vyper

  • Eldar Support Weapons

  • Chaos Marines

  • Chaos Possessed

  • Chaos Berzerkers

  • Chaos Vehicles

  • Chaos Terminators

  • Chaos Terminator Lord

  • Assault on Black Reach

That should keep you busy for a day or two!!!


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