Let The Dice Decide

Let The Dice Decide
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Monday, 31 January 2011

Space Marine Vehicle Restock

Evening All,

Todays restocks consist of the space marine vehicles
  • SM Razorbacks
  • SM Rhinos
  • SM Whirlwinds
  • SM Baal Predator
  • SM Land Raider

And some SM SPRUES too so be sure to grab them quick before they go!



  1. aw the whirlwind missile launchers are not there oh well

    oh and one more thing will you ever do a lucky bag for scenery?

  2. why is the human tau conversion replaced by the war walker conversion by dusty?

  3. Hello Assult-Marine...
    Thanks for letting me know about the conversion link error, i have fixed it now.
    As for the whirlwind parts, most sold out within 2 hours of putting them on, but dont worry we will get some more in a week or 2.
    Finally we will not likely be doing scenery lucky bags until we have a much wider range of parts to make it worth while